U22 Painless Gun

The U22 is an innovative cosmetic dermatology equipment used for simultaneous needling and injection of a substance into the skin. Compared to other equipment, the U22 is more efficient in its job. There are zero drips in between injections with even faster injection and needle movement, virtually removing any pain from needle punctures — thus its moniker the “painless gun.”

Cosmetic experts will administer the enriched PRP into the mesoderm of the patient through the U22 painless gun, ensuring the absorption of proper amounts of proteins that will help stimulate the skin and reduce wrinkles and sagging.

This procedure will make sure that the PRP is evenly distributed across the skin to facilitate the production of new cells and collagen to help tighten skin and give it a rejuvenating glow.

U22 Painless Gun for PRP - Rejuvenate your skin

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