PRP Treatment: Why you should get a Treatment this Winter for Sure!

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy or PRP is a natural treatment that makes uses of the plasma inside human blood to provide an amazing and enriching experience that enhances skin cell regeneration while providing a glowing look. Also called ‘vampire facial’ because of the shiny look that it induces in the skin, PRP therapy is one of the most common skin rejuvenating treatments available. Its benefits however, expand to more than just skin care.

In Canada, winters are the ideal season to get a PRP therapy because the lack of sunlight allows a lower risk of damages to the skin after a procedure.

Reduces back and joint pains

Apart from skin care, PRP allows chronic aches in the back, joint and bones to subside substantially.

The plasma stimulating treatment sends fresh signals to the brain that according to certain theories, sometimes has difficulty locating and repairing the exact source of these pains.

PRP however, aids the brain to find and fix the spot naturally.

Decreases natural hair loss

Another benefit that the treatment offers is that it considerably reduces the amount of hairfall that an average person suffers from.

This is again because of the stimulation of blood plasma that causes the roots to obtain enhanced strength thus holding the hair follicles more effectively.

Non-operative procedure

One of the greatest benefits of PRP is that there are no needles of incisions that are made in order to administer any chemicals or solutions into the skin. It takes a short session and therefore has lower risks of causing any adverse side effects.

Rejuvenates the skin

Coming down to the cosmetic benefits of the treatment, the plasma enrichment helps revitalize the skin by allowing cells under it to grow rapidly. This heals any acne and causes other scar or stain causing agents to be eliminated by the newly produced cells. It also helps clear out wrinkles and other age marks from the skin giving a younger feel.

Lasting treatment with short recovery times

Since the effects of the treatment are inside the blood, they last for a longer period of time compared to other cosmetic treatments that inject certain chemicals into the skin. These chemicals tend to wear out of a certain time. PRP therapy can be done in short sessions and has relatively lower recovery times too.

Our Great PRP Promotion in Winter

We saved the best for last. One of the greatest reasons that you might want to opt for a PRP treatment this winter is because of the great promotional discount that we’re offering.

You can book an appointment for PRP treatment and receive 3 treatments for:

PRP skin treatment:

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PRP hair treatment:

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Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is rapidly gaining popularity amongst cosmetic treatment enthusiasts around the world and rightly so because of the array of benefits that it offers.

Not only does it give you a glowing look, it also helps in easing other chronic aches and pains throughout the body.